Live Audio Streaming from Linux Audio Systems

LAS operates an on-again, off-again live audio stream that carries whatever audio is currently being played in the office/studio. This is mostly a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the way that libre software tools can be used to provide cutting edge functionality.

The stream is taken from a running JACK system, and any JACK client can send audio to the stream without modification. This A radically different approach from the situation on proprietary operating systems where network audio typically requires per-application support.

Technology for this demonstration provided by:

The JACK Audio Connection Kit
The libre streaming media server from
Ices streams audio from many sources, including JACK, and delivers to an Icecast server for downstream broadcast (note: the version that includes JACK support has not yet been released).

What does it mean?

With these tools, you can share live audio with anyone on the internet. Working on a mix in ardour? Share it with the band, or your fellow musicians, as you progress. Have an idea for a new piece? Play it live to someone whose opinions you trust, even if they live on the other side of the world ...